Behavioral and Sleep Medicine (BSM)

The goal of the Behavioral Medicine and Sleep Disorders Training Institute is to develop and sustain a network of minority faculty committed to pursuing careers in behavioral and sleep medicine targeted at cardiovascular (CV) risk reduction.

Specifically, the Summer Institute in Behavioral and Sleep Medicine will:

  • Select qualified minority scientists with great potential to contribute to current knowledge of behavioral models utilized to reduce risk of CV-related diseases.
  • Increase minority scholars’ knowledge, skills, and motivation to pursue an independent research program in behavioral medicine and sleep disorders.
  • Mentor PRIDE scholars to facilitate their transition as independent researchers. Scholars will be paired with successful, nationally recognized senior investigators with expertise in individually proposed research projects to receive guidance.
  • Provide scholars with intensive individualized training and guidance in grant writing and to acquaint them with the NIH review process to enhance their capacity for successful funding competition at the national level.

Scholars will participate in a guided Mock Study Section and will engage in reviewing proposals of their peers using NIH review criteria. Successful completion of this institute will establish a network of 48 trained minority faculty applying proven behavioral CVD risk reduction models to eliminate health disparities.